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Pump and process technology

FluDyn Pumps is a customer-oriented, dynamic and owner-operated company. Based on the long –lasting experience of our experts, we offer our clients a wide expertise in the field of pumps and process technologies in the fields of Oil & Gas, Marine- and Water-industries. We develop concepts for the applications for our clients and deliver them various pumps and machinery, worldwide.
Founded by former „Bornemen“ in the district of Schaumburg, near Hanover, we offer our clients optimized solutions for all kind of applications within pump- and process technology, Made in Germany.

This is achieved by a careful selection of the best components available, adapted for each particular case. We act according to the requirements of our clients, operate independently from vendors and use equipment of superior quality from medium-sized German manufacturers.



We bundle our competences in the field of progressive cavity pump spare parts

18.10.2022 – We have been working together for some time in the field of repairs and servicing progressive cavity pumps. Now we are expanding our partner network to include spare parts for progressive cavity pumps / mono pumps. The good and competent cooperation with our partner company G. Legacy Pumpen & Prozesstechnik GmbH has convinced us!


Our service – your advantage

We can now supply you with almost 38,000 items for over 500 different progressive cavity pumps from the manufacturers ITT-Bornemann, Allweiler, Netzsch, SEEPEX and Wangen.

Through joint purchasing and production in larger quantities, we can offer you our high-quality spare parts at a fair price. We were even able to reduce some prices for common wear parts. – Try us out!

Of course, we also repair and maintain the pumps for you. Gladly on site, on your ship or most simply here in our service centre.

Founded in 2018 by former engineers, technicians and mechanics of ITT Bornemann GmbH. They have extensive experience in the field of maintenance, repair and installation of industrial pumps. In addition, our partner offers comprehensive services for the most environmentally friendly exploration of oil fields and natural gas fields. It produces its own multiphase pumps, screw pumps and equipment for tankers, tank farms, chemicals and petrochemicals.

Further information: https://www.german-legacy-pumps.com

And here you can go directly to the spare parts catalogue:


Select your pump, put the desired spare parts in the shopping basket and send us a non-binding enquiry. – Of course, this can also be done simply by e-mail.

If you are not sure which spare part is right for you, we will be happy to advise you personally on the phone.


 25.04.2022 Our service for tankers and inland waterway vessels

You don’t earn money in the shipyard!
You need quick help, on the spot?



Downtimes are downtimes
We stock all common wear parts and can help you quickly and without complications.








Make an appointment and we will come to you on board. Directly on the Weser, on the Mittelland Canal, in Minden, Bückeburg-Beerenbusch or even further away.








Centrally located at the waterway junction in Minden:
FluDyn Pumpen und Prozesstechnik GmbH
Dankerser Str. 23
31675 Bückeburg-Cammer




Wir sind umgezogen!                               08.12.2020

Nachdem es an unserem bisherigen Standort zu eng geworden war, haben wir jetzt einen weiteren Entwicklungsschritt getan. FluDyn Pumps GmbH ist umgezogen.

Wir freuen uns über wesentlich größere Büro-, Lager- und Montageflächen. Auf nun mehr als 2000 m² Fläche sind wir in der Lage für Sie unser Ersatzteillager zu vergrößern und unseren Service für Pumpentypen der Hersteller Seepex, Netzsch und Allweiler auszudehnen.
Darüber hinaus werden wir Sie nun auch mit Ersatzteilen für Bornemann Schraubenspindelpumpen versorgen.

Bitte notieren Sie sich unsere neuen Kontaktdaten:
Fludyn Pumps GmbH
Dankerser Str. 23
31675 Bückeburg-Cammer

Telefon: 0571 889 185 50
Fax: 0571 889 185 51

E-Mail: contact(at)fludyn-pumps.com


Unsere neue B-Serie                               14.06.2018

Aufgrund von Kundenanforderungen bringen wir eine eigene Baureihe von Exzenterschneckenpumpen – die B-Serie – auf den Markt, die den Leistungsdaten und Abmaßen der EH und EL Baureihen von Bornemann entspricht.