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Keeping your fluids flowing

Industries / Applications

Fludyn eccentric screw pumps ensure that your systems run safely in important areas and that the media is pumped reliably. Our pumps are characterised by their robust design and ensure high availability of your systems.

A pump for oil extraction with a tilting head that swivels up and down. In the foreground, two large wheels with which valves can be opened or closed.

Oil and Gas

Fludyn mono pumps / eccentric screw pumps are very reliable in operation and therefore guarantee long running times. This is essential for the economic efficiency of the conveyor systems, especially in the continuous production of oil.

A wastewater treatment plant for the treatment of process water

Water and waste water

Thanks to their design features and pumping characteristics, our pumps are ideal for use in water supply and disposal systems in municipal and industrial applications.

Chemistry and pharmaceutics

Fludyn mono pumps / eccentric screw pumps are used in the chemical industry in areas where fluids with high viscosity, non-Newtonian or shear-sensitive substances are pumped.

A large roll of paper as a symbol for the paper industry

Pulp and Paper Industry

In the pulp and paper industry, our mono pumps are used in almost all areas of the process chain. It is important that these pumps operate very reliably.

A large excavator on a spoil tip as a symbol of mining


In mining, Fludyn pumps are used for reliable dewatering or in a particularly explosion-proof design for filling blast holes.

A hydropower plant on a river

Biogas and power generation

Biogas production is an important pillar of environmentally friendly heat and energy generation. Monopumps are used for pumping slurry and food waste through to conveying biogas substrates with high dry content and foreign matter.

Olive oil flows from a metal tank

Food and beverages

In the food industry, monopumps are used in food production wherever highly viscous or shear-sensitive products need to be conveyed gently. This also includes products that contain components that should not be destroyed by the pumping process, e.g. fruit in yoghurt.


In the marine sector, our pumps are used worldwide as bilge pumps. These range from small yachts to large ferries.

The larger screw pumps are particularly suitable as loading pumps for inland waterway vessels and medium-sized tankers.

Industrial-, Oil- and Tank Farms

Fludyn mono pumps are suitable for loading and unloading tankers and for pumping from tank to tank or through pipelines.

The larger screw pumps are used for fast loading and unloading of ships, railway wagons or in tank terminals.

A tower with pipework in front of a row of industrial silos

Other industries…

The sectors listed here are just a selection. Fludyn pumps are manufactured for a wide range of applications.

In addition to very standardised pumps, for example for large ships, we also build individual and specialised pump solutions on request. As a result, we gain new insights and suggestions every day, which can also provide you with valuable help.

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