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Ersatzteile für Pumpen-Systeme

Maintenance and repair of your pump

We repair and overhaul your entire pump. All wearing parts are checked and replaced or repaired if necessary.

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Maintenance and repair Bornemann E2H 236

The first thing we do is disassemble your pump into its individual parts. We then clean and examine the individual components. Defective or worn parts will be replaced or repaired by us. In most cases, we mainly replace the common wear parts such as stator, rotor, joint and seals. If necessary - or at your request - also drive shaft and cardan shaft. Finally, we assemble and test the pump according to our strict maintenance guidelines.

If you like, we can finish the pump off with a shiny new paint job. It makes it look like new again! We also recommend a new coating to preserve your pump and to be able to quickly detect any defects and contamination that may occur.

After that, the pump has good performance again and a long service life. Almost comparable to that of a new pump!