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Keeping your fluids flowing

Products & Pumps

We produce and sell pumps and process technology that ensure that your systems function reliably.

Just like our roots, our focus is on eccentric screw pumps analogue to Bornemann* pumps. However, where it makes sense, we also use other types of pumps, such as screw pumps from our sister company. Of course, you will also receive spare parts and comprehensive service for our pumps.

A small blue Fludyn BEL164 mono pump

Progressive Cavity Pumps / Mono Pumps

Due to their universal properties, progressive cavity pumps are the most frequently used positive displacement pumps. They are an important component in all processes where sludge and waste, solids-laden liquids, paints, viscose or non-Newtonian fluids are conveyed.

4 small Fludyn bilge pumps primed, prepared for painting

Marine pumps / Naval pumps

Our marine pumps can be used both as bilge pumps and as transfer pumps. The bilge pumps have identical connection dimensions to the pumps of types “TSP”, “BV” and “BV_A” and can be exchanged 1:1. Powerful screw pumps are usually used as transfer pumps.


A white primed screw pump on a wooden construction. Various control elements and valves in the background.

Screw Pumps

Our screw pumps are robust and are characterised by their special sag resistance. They convey different media regardless of viscosity and density in a constant flow, i.e. pulsation-free. This makes them ideal as transfer pumps.

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