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Digitising the spare parts supply for small and medium pump users

We are the experts for pumps and their applications. Our service consists of comprehensive advice and is based on our knowledge and experience of finding the right spare parts for your pumps. As part of a major digitisation effort, we have stored this knowledge in a large software system. It contains our expertise on a large number of pump systems, from different manufacturers and in a wide range of applications. It contains information down to individual pumps and their components.

Consolidating customer requirements in the “Cloud” and managing digital through FluDyn

In addition to the pumps that we manufacture ourselves, our systems also include pumps that we have repaired or serviced on your behalf. These pumps can be identified by the distinctive yellow Fludyn QR code sticker. The yellow QR code sticker is your gateway to our digital supply system in the ‘cloud’: Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone or tablet and you will be directed to a spare parts page specifically for your pump. In just a few clicks, you can send us a message describing your requirements or requesting suitable spare parts.

Alternatively, you can continue to contact us in the traditional way. Our service workstations are equipped with software that automatically opens a screen when you call, showing your contact details, your pumps and your latest orders. – Just tell us the location or machine number of the pump and we will have the right parts for you.

On request, we can give you advance notice of when your pump is due for regular maintenance. This is even more convenient: For customers with maintenance contracts, we always have a stock of common wear and spare parts. This means that a faulty pump can be repaired very quickly and reliably.

Downtime can be expensive

Think of the cost if a pump stops working for a few days. It doesn’t have to be on a ship that can’t set sail. You will probably have examples from your own field in mind.