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FluDyn Pumps is an independent engineering company, which distributes pumps and process equipment of well-known manufacturers. Based on to customer‘ requirements, we offer our clients turnkey solutions based on suitable pump executions and manufacturing. Due to our know-how and our independency, we are able to supply comprehensive solutions for entire process units, even those requiring different technologies or manufacturers. Pumps- and process equipment from single source!
Our business activities range from basic engineering thru design, procurement and supervision of installation and commissioning up to cost effective spare part management. Furthermore we are close partner of our clients and support them already during Budget phase with compiling of suitable material specifications to ensure a cost and time effective future execution of projects.

Based on our excellent partner network, we are able to supply our clients with everything from single components thru pump packages up to complete installations.

  • Our field of activities compromises primarily pump packages and process equipment with:
  • Centrifugal pumps in different executions, also in accordance with API 610
  • Progressive cavity pumps, also in accordance with to API 676
  • Piston pumps, also in accordance with API 674
  • Screw pumps, also in accordance with API 676
  • Compressors, also in accordance with API 619
  • Generator sets, also with IACS and Marine classification
  • Drive Systems, in accordance with European and American standards, e.g. IEC, ATEX, CSA, etc.
  • Vessels, instrumentation etc. in accordance with European and American standards, e.g. ATEX, UL, etc.


With the manufacturing of progressive cavity pumps – our B-Series”, we complement our range of products and business activities. This pump range is based on proven technology and is manufactured in outstanding quality. They are suitable for operation within the entire range of typical pc-pump applications for pc-pumps. Due to their dimensions and performance data these pumps are specially designed to replace Bornemann pumps.


Moreover, we offer our clients comprehensive consulting and solutions in the field of Artificial Lifting. In this regard we develop solutions for our customers, which aim for a maximized recovery rate for the original oil in place. We therefore draw from different AL-technologies including:

  • down hole pumps
  • Hydraulic jet pumps
  • Multiphase Boosting Technology
  • Water-reinjection

In this respect we are also the exclusive distributor for the innovative Solutions of Rotating Right Inc., Canada, the RESP and HPS.


The Reciprocating Electrical Submersible Pump is a revolution in the area of downhole pumps, because it combines the advantages of piston pumps with those of direct coupled electrical drives. Due to direct couple linear motor the rods and all kind of surface equipment are eliminated. The pump can even be installed horizontally without problems. Thus the range of potential wells and applications is extended by far, up to offshore installations.  >> Artificial lifting


The Horizontal Pump System of Rotating Right is an entirely redesigned conventional horizontal pump system, which is derived from ESPs. It is based on a multistage centrifugal pump for high pressures, which, compared to conventional solutions, is equipped with impellers of a larger diameter. This significantly reduces the total length of the pump unit as well as the overall space requirements. Furthermore the pump is robustly designed and subsequently provides a more reliable operation. >> HPS

For further information about the product range of Rotating Right Inc. please visit their website. >> Rotating Right Inc.


Service: For all products we provide we offer a wide range of services, such as:

  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Spare parts management
  • Supervision of installation and commissioning