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A blue Fludyn monopump / eccentric screw pump in an open shipping crate with various tools in the background

The sectors listed here are just a selection. Fludyn pumps are manufactured for a wide range of applications. In addition to very standardised pumps, for example for large ships, we also build very individual and specialised pump solutions on request. As a result, we gain new insights and suggestions every day, which can also provide you with valuable help.

We therefore not only supply you with mechanical pumps and high-quality spare parts. Instead, you benefit from our comprehensive service and a structured analysis of your needs, combined with in-depth advice. Our employees are continuously trained for this and our pumps and materials are also continuously expanded and improved.

We supply many satisfied customers from these sectors, for example:

  • Paints and colours
  • Construction industry
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Well construction
  • Environmental technology, waste disposal companies and plant engineering

We work together with a number of engineering firms, especially in the area of system construction, with whom we develop, plan and realise suitable pump solutions for special requirements.

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