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Keeping your fluids flowing

Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals

The task of a refinery is based on three basic steps: separation, conversion and treatment. Each function in one of the respective processes serves to increase the value of the refined product. Whether fluids with low or high viscosity are being pumped or at high temperatures up to 300°C, eccentric screw pumps are a cost-effective alternative in small areas.

Screw pumps are the perfect solution for high temperatures and when high pressures are required.

All types of hydrocarbons, bitumen, tar sludge, additives and waste oils are conveyed.

Screw pumps can also be manufactured with integrated heating chambers for highly viscous media for use in crude oil pipelines or on platforms. There are models with an output of up to 2400 m³/h and 40 bar differential pressure.

Has your pump been down for a long time? Do you need maintenance or repairs? We can get your pump up and running again, supply you with spare parts or even build suitable replacement pumps for some sizes.

Screw pumps have low NPSH values and therefore excellent suction behaviour, ideal for applications in power stations, oil terminals and tank systems, e.g. for pumping heavy fuel oil (HFO).

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