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We present: Fludyn Eccentric Screw Pumps / Mono Pumps

  • Do you have old Bornemann eccentric screw pumps in use?
  • You are convinced of the reliability and performance of these pumps?
  • You would like to continue operating and using this type of pump?

Then we’ve got something for you:

Our B-Series – Engineered and Made in Germany

Here in Schaumburg, Germany, we build our eccentric screw pumps for you. They are similar to the Bornemann EH and EL pumps. Some of our pumps are slightly more powerful but are designed to fit the same. This allows you to remove your old Bornemann pump and replace it directly with a Fludyn pump. No adapters or bespoke pipework are required.

Depending on the application, we build single, two or four stage pumps, from the small 164 up to our large 4500 eccentric screw pumps (used in large waterworks, for example). – Ask for our brochure!

Addendum: In addition to the B series, we now also build BV (“Blohm & Voss”), BV_A and TSP marine pumps. Get in touch with us!